'The Real' Talks Sleeping in the Same Room as Your Partner at Your Parents’ House!

Real fam, do you have an opinion on whether it’s appropriate to sleep in the same room as your significant other at your parents’ place?

The hosts of “The Real” got to talking about it after coming upon a Mumsnet mom who didn’t allow her 19-year-old daughter to shack up with her boyfriend under her roof, because mom wasn’t allowed to do so at her daughter's age.

Jeannie’s thoughts? “If it’s your mom, and she’s paying the bills, it’s her house. You follow her rules.” She also said that “when you have your parents’ home, you gotta follow those rules.”

Adrienne added, “If you’re so grown and you don’t like it, go to a hotel!”

As a rebellious teen, Jeannie said her mom and dad felt uneasy when her boyfriends came around. Just seeing her dad uncomfortable, she felt inclined to respect them.

For Tamera, even when she’s with Adam, and her parents visit, she still feels a little weird — and she’s married and grown! “I’m a true believer that if you’re in your mom’s house, you have to abide by your mom’s rules.”

Loni added that at 19, you’re still young, so you should be worried about more than just sleeping in the same room as your boyfriend.

Adrienne’s thing is that “it’s only two or three days.” “Again, I think it goes back to the same thing you guys are saying, which is to respect your parents’ household and your parents’ rules, and you can survive for two days."

When Tam asked if they would feel the same if it were their own children, she revealed she would have the same approach. “For me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I would be too nosy,” she added, saying she would feel uncomfortable. If the couple is married, that’s fine.”

Adrienne agreed that when it comes to spouses, “Ultimately, I would be happy that they are having a sex life with their husband, wife.”

"Just don’t let them get too comfortable living with you," Loni snarked!

Would Tamera let her kids live with their significant other in her home? She would give them an end date — 30 days! — to get their lives together and move out!


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