Would You Trust Your Friends to Find You a Match?

You might trust your friends to help you pick out an outfit, choose a restaurant, or give you advice, but would you put your dating future in the palm of their hands, literally?! The dating app Ship allows users’ friends to swipe for them! Would you be down with taking this relationship-choosing chance?

Yvette Nicole Brown told Jeannie, Adrienne, and Loni that she would, “with qualifiers.” Her point is that after playing the dating game for a while, we can get stuck with a case of shortsightedness.

“We have an idea of what we want,” Yvette said. “He has to be this tall and he has to work here.” Sometimes our besties know best, and reveal after a breakup that they never liked who you were dating!

Yvette noted, “I think our friends can see something about our personalities, or about what worked and didn’t work.” She added that “they often see something that we don’t see.” She also likes that a group chat would let you chime in on your friends' decisions if you didn’t like which way they were swiping!

Real fam, would you give your friends the power to swipe for you on a dating app? Have you ever chosen a partner for a pal?


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