Is THIS Topic a Must on a First Date?

First dates are for getting to know a potential partner. Topics that come up range from favorite movies to childhood memories, to which foods you can’t stand. One subject you may or may not want to approach right off the bat is kids. “The Real” co-hosts revealed their feelings on whether the question is off limits or totally necessary.

According to Zoosk, 41 percent of men think that talking in a first meeting about whether you want kids should take place, and Loni agrees! She shared, “I want to know immediately how many kids you have... do you want kids. I like to know and I like to know upfront, because I don’t want to waste my time with you.”

As Adrienne notes, you never want to lead someone on. “If you have no intentions of marriage, no intentions of having children, then I think we should establish that straight out the gate so that nobody’s feelings are hurt in the long run.”

Jeannie said you can save a lot of time by asking these questions straight up, so you can move forward. “You just ask real quick, ‘Do you have kids? Do you want kids?’”

Would you bring up the subject of kids on a first date? Are there any topics you avoid when getting to know someone, or do you prefer to put it all on the table right away?


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