Ashley Graham Opens Up About Taking Control of Her Body Image

Ashley Graham has become one of the world’s most recognizable models, and now she’s opening up about how she’s taken ownership of her body.

The “American Beauty Star” host graces the cover of July’s edition of Allure, where she touched on her experiences in the industry and why she felt her body wasn’t being treated as hers.

Ashley told the magazine, “My body has always been treated as a thing and not mine,” she says. “You’re the sexy girl. You’re the naked girl. Men are going to idolize your hourglass figure. It was always about what others thought about my body, until I gained a voice. Now I get to tell people what I think of my body.”

Ashley has been a champion of inclusion and diversity in the beauty and fashion worlds, and she additionally spoke about the progress she hopes to see. “You can’t just check the box and be like, ‘Oh, we did it.’” Ashley pointed to her own groundbreaking success story, saying, “I’m the first curvy girl of my generation to get a [mainstream] beauty contract.”

Ashley has been outspoken about representation and authenticity, and reportedly asked The Cut not to photoshop her in a 2017 piece. The supermodel told them, “It’s better to keep the cellulite if you can. You can make it bigger!”


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