Does Liking Spicy Food Spice Up Your Sex Life? 'The Real’ Chats About the Theory!

If you prefer to add flavor to your food, perhaps you also prefer to add flavor to your bedroom…

Loni, Adrienne, Tamera, and Jeannie discussed a study that found that liking spicier food translates to having a spicier sex life!

Adrienne isn’t a fan of food that’s really hot because she’s “injured” her mouth, so she’s wondering how spicy we’re talking about here. Jeannie loves spicy foods, but she’s not convinced someone with that type of palate has good sex — her hunch is that if you’re open to interesting foods, that might mean something. She explained, “I think people who like diverse foods have a sexual adventurousness.”

Jeannie wants to see that when she’s out with a date, she gets a glimpse of his tastes. Tamera thinks the theory must be true, and her example happens to be her husband Adam, since they’ve kept things spicy throughout their marriage!

So, pass the chili peppers or no? What do you think of the idea that spicy food equals spicier sex?


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