Bride’s Mother-in-Law Also Wore a Wedding Dress... Yes, Really

Everyone hopes their wedding will go off without a hitch (see what we did there?), but sometimes an awkward faux pas gets in the way. Take for instance, one bride, whose mother-in-law decided to dress in a bridal gown for her son’s wedding.

When Jimmy Fallon prompted viewers to share their experience with a #weddingfail, one Twitter user’s tale of a wedding blunder made internet waves.

Amy Pennza wrote, “My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter.” Yup — and she had a pic of the sticky situation to prove it.

After the tweet went viral, Amy went on to explain her mother-in-law’s approach, and says she has no hard feelings about the incident, calling it a “pretty funny memory.”

Amy clarified, “Here's the thing: My mother-in-law is extremely frugal. And I don't mean she just enjoys a good bargain. To understand her, you have to know where she comes from.” She added how she grew up in poverty and detailed examples of her bargain-hunting ways.

Amy went on to say that her mother-in-law is “incredibly generous” and has “more than made up for it since.” Plus, she seems to be cool with the buzz surrounding the unforgettable wedding moment.

Amy added, “ When I told her about this getting a lot of attention, and said I worried it might hurt her feelings, she waved it off, saying, "Whatever makes me famous."

Real fam, how would you feel if this happened at your wedding? What’s the biggest wedding mishap you’ve ever encountered?


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