Tiffany Haddish Isn’t Planning to Spend Money on This

Don’t expect Tiffany Haddish to put her cash toward dating. The actress and comedian has no interest in looking for a relationship right now, and she’s not about to spend her money on a potential love life.

Tiffany revealed to People, “I’m a saver. C’mon, man. I’m not trying to spend money on nothing. But what am I not gonna spend money on? I’m not gonna spend no money on a date.”

Tiffany recently confirmed that she’s in no rush to find a significant other at the moment, and that she’s focused on herself and her career. She currently has a handful of high-profile projects in the works, including the upcoming films “The Kitchen” and “Limited Partners.”

Tiffany declared on Twitter, “I have been in lots of relationships. Right now I am focused on the one that really counts the one with Me. I am doing really Good in this one I give Me whatever I want and I know how to make me happy. maybe in a few years we might let someone else in.”

What’s she looking for in a partner, if and when she’s ready to get involved with someone? She told Us Weekly, “Whoever got good credit, no kids, and then they not trying to make me less than who I am. How about that?”


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