Seriously?! Is Pregnancy Really Contagious?

You’ve probably heard of ladies syncing up their cycles, but what about their pregnancies? Well, according to a Demographic Research study, pregnancy might actually be considered contagious. What do Loni, Tamera, Jeannie and Adrienne think of this phenomenon?

Adrienne feels it’s all about your social circle and how you respond to your friend’s experience. She said, “This is the thing. I feel like yes, that maybe you can release something… But I think that what they’re talking about here is it’s not contagious, like actually contagious. But I do think that watching someone else prepare to get pregnant and then watching them go through pregnancy, then you're spending time with that brand new baby feeling that joy…”

Tamera disagrees, because of the reality of having a child. “I think about what you have to do. I’m not changing diapers anymore, I’m not potty training anymore, and I’m not making babies anymore. I’m done.”

Loni joked about the concept of people having babies at the same time, “Sometimes it’s in the water!” What else did the ladies of “The Real” have to say?

Do you agree with this theory? Do you think pregnancy can be contagious?


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