Uh-Oh! Bride’s Sister No Longer Bridesmaid Because Dress Is 'Not Appropriate'!

Suitable wedding attire is no joke — just ask this bride whose own sister stepped down from her wedding party over a bridesmaids dress dispute!

The bride-to-be shared a story on Facebook about her sibling’s choice of wardrobe for her big day, which she deemed inappropriate. Months ago, the bride suggested her sister buy a certain look for the occasion, but the bridesmaid had another style selection in mind.

The bride wrote, “My wedding is in 8 days and I told my little sister in January to get a navy dress with flowers on it. She told me today she hasn’t ordered a dress but she liked this….”

She then shared a photo of the dress in question, a black gown with a sheer bodice and skirt with flower patterns, which appears to be from Fashion Nova.

So, what happened next? The bride went on to say, “I said that’s not appropriate for my wedding especially as a bridesmaid so if this your hint you don’t want to be a bridesmaid just say it so she has stepped out of being my bridesmaid and I think she still thinks she gets to do all the bridesmaid fun with me and bachelorette fun……sorry nope!”

Sometimes brides and their bridesmaids don’t see eye to eye, but would you drop out of the role if you didn’t agree on an outfit? What do you think of this dress dilemma?


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