Wearing a WHAT During Sex?

Watches are for telling time, so are they really necessary in the bedroom?

Men’s Health magazine asked if it’s weird to wear a watch during sex, and the ladies of “The Real” wondered the same thing.

Adrienne joked, “Are you timing yourself to see how long you last?” She added that she thinks it’s actually sexy to see a man take off his accessories! Loni thinks it doesn’t matter what a guy wears! She declared, “We getting it on, we getting it on.” Sometimes in the moment, stuff stays on.

Watches are one thing, but what about socks? Tamera doesn’t care, because she’s just happy when she gets it! Both she and Adrienne agree that leaving a chain on is a turn-on, while Jeannie is a fan of hats.

What else do Loni, Adrienne, Jeannie, and Tamera think about accessorizing in the bedroom? Watch below!


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