The Great Toilet Paper Debate

On “The Real,” even subjects like toilet paper aren’t off limits! Take it from Loni, Jeannie, Tamera and Adrienne… the hosts talk about the issue, or should we say tissue? They open up about what type of people they are in the bathroom – folders or scrunchers. (You know what we’re talking about, fam!)

Folders fold toilet paper flat or wrap it around their hands, while scrunchers scrunch paper in a ball… How do you handle yours?

As Tamera jokingly noted, “This is the most interesting topic ever!” She and Adrienne also have one question: “What does it say about the person?” Do you think there’s a correlation between the way you fold and the way you are?

Watch below to see the ladies', er, absorbing takes on this particularly personal topic. They even demonstrate their individual holding techniques!


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