Mom Opens Up About Picking Her 'Job Over Her Kids'

For some moms, prioritizing career over children is just part of balancing professional and family life. One of them is Professor Lara Bazelon, a lawyer who wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times over the weekend that went viral, detailing how she copes with managing her job and her career — and why her career often comes first.

Bazelon argued that “a work-life balance” is not always achievable, and that the “term traps women in an endless cycle of shame and self-recrimination.”

The essay, titled “I’ve Picked My Job Over My Kids,” goes on to say that like “many women,” she “often prioritizes her job.” As the head of a single-parent household, she explained, “My choice is more than a financial imperative. I prioritize my work because I’m ambitious and because I believe it’s important. If I didn’t write and teach and litigate, a part of me would feel empty.”

While Bazelon says she has turned down professional opportunities to spend time with her family, she’s also missed a lot, including birthdays and vacations. She admitted that her absence has made her feel shameful or sad, but she also doesn’t consider herself a “bad mom.” She added, “I also remind myself that if I were a dad, I would be getting accolades for all the times I scheduled a doctor’s appointment or arranged a play date.” She also shared that she loves her children “beyond all reason,” and that they give her meaning in life, as does her job.

Real fam, what are thoughts on being a career woman and a busy mom? Do you think work-life balance is attainable?


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