Are You a Fan of THIS Food Combo?

Certain foods are sacred, and there’s one delicious dish some people don’t want to mess with! When it comes to mac n’ cheese, it’s all about how you like it — and Jemele Hill isn’t here for your ketchup. Jemele has been vocal on Twitter about no to the tomato condiment on macaroni and cheese, and she stood by her preference when she stopped by “The Real.”

Just to be clear, it’s not hate for ketchup, it’s hate for ketchup on this treat in particular! If you need to flavor the dish, that leads Jemele to believe you’ve only had a “trash” version of it.

As Adrienne says of macaroni and cheese, “It has to be baked.” Jeannie thinks you shouldn’t have to put anything on it, even hot sauce or barbecue sauce, if it’s good. Loni agreed, “It’s not a sandwich or a hamburger, it’s mac and cheese!”

Loni likes her mac and cheese baked with about four cheeses, and she isn’t a fan of breadcrumbs. What about you? Do you have a preferred way to eat this food favorite? Are there any combos or condiments you like that others don't?


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