Can Being Too Happy Be… Bad?

It seems like we’re always striving to be happy… but maybe constant cheeriness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “The Real” co-hosts got to chatting about studies that suggested being happy all the time can lead to negative results, such being gullible, selfish, less successful and prone to snap judgements.

As Jeannie said, “We got enough people frowning in the world... we need to see more smiles.” Tamera wondered who came up with this study, although Adrienne thought, “I get it if it’s [happiness] is not genuine if you see people being over the top.” She added, “There’s something really beautiful about silent joy, that you actually feel inside your heart.”

Jeannie added, “I do think that there’s something very important about everybody finding whatever it is that’s your inner joy, or that inner peace, and locking it in a very precious vault that you can tap into so there’s nobody else out there draining it.”

Loni replied, “I choose to just look the way I want to look.” While she sometimes wears her emotions on her sleeve, she experienced a time that “made her want to look at herself a little more.”

Find out below what else Loni, Jeannie, Tamera and Adrienne felt about being TOO happy.


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