This Wedding Gift Idea Is Becoming More Popular – Are You a Fan?

When you think wedding gifts, you think toasters, engraved picture frames, and maybe a check to help the couple start a new life together. Apps like Venmo are making it easier for newlyweds to easily receive cash (and fast!), and many millennials are opting for that over traditional presents. What does “The Real” think about this modern trend?

Tamera thinks it’s cool! “It’s easier, and you can spend it on what you want.”

Plus, you can put it toward your honeymoon. Adrienne agrees that it’s a “really convenient wedding gift,” and Loni says you don’t have “lug a big old blender” to the ceremony.

Jeannie’s opinion is that it’s convenient, but it could take away from longstanding symbolic cultural traditions, such as offering a red envelope at a Vietnamese wedding, and she would hate to take away from that.

Adrienne doesn’t recall receiving wedding gifts at her actual Parisian wedding. Then things got hilarious, because Loni says she got her one! Whoops.

Watch below to hear more of their thoughts on this trend, and find out the gift Jeannie got Adrienne for her big day.


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