We’re Chatting Pillow Talk, People!

When you’re engaging in an intimate conversation with your significant other, you might think some subjects are out of the question. For instance, gossiping or sharing others’ secrets could be topics that you stay away from. Loni, Jeannie, Adrienne and Tamera got to debating about what constitutes appropriate pillow talk on Tuesday’s show — do you agree with them?

Adrienne thinks that when you’re married it’s different. “I think when it’s job stuff, you absolutely can divulge that to your husband. Best friend stuff or friend things, I actually think that if you have a great husband they value the fact that you’re a great friend and they don’t want to hear that stuff. If you told your friend you wouldn’t tell anybody, that means anybody… At the same time, you should be able to tell him everything, but I think he will value you the fact that some things you’ve told somebody else, you’re loyal to your friends, and he’ll applaud that.”

Pillow is very important to Jeannie. See, she’s a sapiosexual! What does that mean, you might be wondering? “A sapiosexual is someone who gets aroused by intelligence and stimulating conversation.”

Jeannie elaborated, “It’s all about conversation, so pillow talk can really make it for me.” She added, “I know today when I meet men and I have pillow talk, if it’s stimulating… If we’re talking about dreams, goals, questions that you want answered in the world. I like talking about world change. I like talking about things you want to do in your community … Somebody that you’ve helped, somebody recently helped. If I hear somebody you’re personally helped in your life, that turns me on. If I hear about your family situations and what you’re doing to play a role in your family to help change that, that turns me on. If you don’t care and you’re talking about things like… If you’re gossiping the whole time, if you’re complaining during pillow talk.”

Loni thinks that if you’re single and it’s the first time with someone, usually the guy is trying to “impress” the woman. Tamera doesn’t even know if she has pillow talk! Right now, with two kids, there might not be time to chat for her! “If we’re gonna get it, we just gotta get it.”

Jeannie agrees with Loni. If you are going to talk in a moment of intimacy, a man might be in a more vulnerable state to open up and “then you get to talk about things where he’s not trying so hard.”

Even when Adrienne was single, the conversation before was mental foreplay. “Once you do it, I don’t know… I kind of do just want to go to sleep!”

Real fam, what does pillow talk mean to you?


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