The Difference Between Not Minding Your Own Business and Being Observant

According to language professor John Locke, eavesdropping makes us better people, because you can learn behavior by observing people. Does that mean listening to other people’s conversations is okay? Loni, Tamera, Jeannie and Adrienne discussed the topic, and revealed whether they mind their own business in public.

Adrienne thinks eavesdropping is actually being observant, and that’s a completely different story than ear hustling. She can recognize when people are having a conversation that she should walk away from and mind her own business. She deems snooping behavior “nosy.”

With that being said, Adrienne still thinks the “art of ear hustling” is phenomenal. She confessed, “I am the nosiest person and I admit to it. I think it’s great. I don’t miss a beat.”

If Loni hears her name on someone’s lips, that means she’s leaning over to listen!

Jeannie and Tamera don’t want to know other people’s business! Jeannie said, “My brain space is so precious, you know what I mean? The things I’m already thinking about, the things I’m worried about, the things I choose to have in my mind.”

Are you with Jeannie or Adrienne on this one? Are you guilty of eavesdropping, or do you cover your ears, or walk away?


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