When a Store Makes a Mistake in Your Favor, How Do You Respond?

Here’s a moral dilemma for you: have you ever checked out at a store and realized you weren’t charged for one (or more) of your items? The ladies of the “The Real” discuss the predicament in this web exclusive after one Reddit user revealed their brother’s new computer was mistakenly left out of his bill. Would you speak up or let it slide?

Tamera would ruin it for herself and totally open her mouth! She wouldn’t want the person working at the store to get in trouble. Adrienne noted that something as huge as a computer should probably be pointed out. She explained, “It’s that thing called karma.”

For Loni, it depends on where she is in her life. As a grown woman, she would definitely let the cashier know. Present-day Jeannie thinks that she wouldn’t be able to relax knowing what the consequences would be. She added, “I might walk out to the car, but I would come back and not leave the parking lot because I would feel bad.”

Watch below to see what else the hosts had to say about this topic, how they feel about smaller charges or genuinely not realizing the error until later, and how they’ve dealt with this in the past!


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