Huggies Introduces Dads on Diaper Boxes for First Time

For years only moms have been gracing the boxes of diaper brands, but times appear to be changing. Huggies Special Delivery diaper boxes are featuring men, putting fathers in the spotlight. For the first time in history, three of their new packaging designs for the product have pictures of men with babies.

Huggies North America’s brand director Kristine Rhode told USA Today, “We really believe in celebrating all parents and the great job that parents are doing. When you think about the important role that dads have in the family today and how that continues to grow, we wanted to make sure they were equally celebrated.”

Fatherhood has come into diaper marketing conversation recently, as Pampers also introduced a campaign that highlighted dads on diaper duty. John Legend joined forces for a “Love the Change” initiative earlier this year that aims to add changing tables to men’s restrooms.

Legend remarked to Men’s Health, "There's been a cultural tradition that women take on more parenting responsibilities than men. And that's been a source of a lot of inequality because when you factor in those hours of work that women don't really get credit for, it puts them at a disadvantage in a lot of other areas of life."

“The Real” chatted about the “Squat for Change” challenge last year when a photo of a dad squatting in order to change his baby’s diaper went viral. Tamera even explained how frustrated Adam was when he couldn’t find a place to change their kids’ diapers in the men’s bathroom.

It looks like diaper companies are starting to move in a new direction. Real fam, how do you feel about these changing attitudes?


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