Some Men Aren’t into THIS New Emoji

We all have our favorite emojis, right? The kissy face, the hearts, the cats… There are tons to choose from for a variety of emotions, moods and expressions. Not every emoji is welcomed with open arms (or should we say hands in this case?), because some men aren’t too pleased over a new addition to the bunch.

In this web exclusive video, Adrienne, Loni, Jeannie, and Tamera discuss a controversial new icon that could denote sizing up a guy’s… well, you know. The hand emoji that’s supposed to represent a small amount or a “little bit” is being used to describe a man’s, um, manhood for some.

Jeannie doesn’t think it’s right, and Tamera agrees that you shouldn’t make fun of people’s physical attributes. Find out what else “The Real” hosts had to say about this talked-about emoji below!


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