Lava Lamp Nails?! What Do You Think of this Manicure Style?

When you think lava lamps, you probably think groovy ‘70s decor, but what about applying the style to your nails? Lava lamp nails are making the viral rounds on the internet, kicking off a beauty trend that’s dominating summer.

In a June 29 Instagram post, Liam Peter Nails declared, “Let’s start a trend!” And boy did he ever, citing innovative nail artist Alec Cole Hinz as an inspiration.

How do you achieve this kaleidoscopic fad?

Peter told Allure, "Layering jelly and neon gel polishes gives depth and makes it seem as though the blobs are really flowing around. The real star, though, is the sunlight. Just like with holographic effects, these come alive when the sun hits the nail."

Are you a fan of this prismatic polish?


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