Discussing… The Dentist!

For many, going to the dentist isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s a common fear, and the mere thought of getting their teeth cleaned might just give some people the chills. What do Jeannie, Tamera, Adrienne, and Yvette Nicole Brown think about seeing the dentist?

While some audience members applauded at a dental visit, the ladies weighed in. Adrienne loves going for a cleaning, but as Yvette joked, “a cleaning starts it all!” Since Adrienne has a sensitivity to certain medications, she can’t even get anything to take away the pain except for topical numbing cream. Loni thinks her dentist talks too much and prolongs the experience! Jeannie isn’t a fan of medial sounds or smells, but she still urges people to go and take care of their teeth.

Find out what else “The Real” has to say about going to the dentist! Do you relate?


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