Are You Into the Way This Bride Chose Her Bridesmaid Dresses?

Choosing the right looks for bridesmaids can be stressful. The bride should be happy and satisfied, but her maids should also feel comfortable and confident too! One bride came to the creative conclusion that not choosing at all was the best choice for her festivities. She actually asked her bridesmaids to rock their OWN wedding dresses from their respective nuptials on the big day because she felt it wasn’t fair for them to only get to wear their wedding dresses once. What did the hosts of “The Real” think of this concept?

Adrienne agrees that it’s so “wasteful that you only wear that dress one time.” For her anniversary, she was even hoping to have a bride ball so she can re-wear her wedding gown alongside her friends. As for her single friends? They were excited to get the opportunity to buy a fun white dress! Jeannie likes the idea for Adrienne’s anniversary, but she never wants to shame a woman for not getting married.

Find else what else Loni, Adrienne, Tamera and Jeannie had to say about this dress decision below!


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