These Plates Are Being Called Out For Promoting Fat-Shaming

Body-shaming can happen online, at school, work or on TV, but what about when it literally ends up on your plate? Macy’s was called out yesterday for a line of their dinnerware that featured messages that were seen as promoting and perpetuating shaming, unhealthy body image and food guilt. The products designate various portion sizes through decorative writing, from “skinny jeans” to “favorite jeans” to “mom jeans.” “Mom jeans” represents the largest portion, while “skinny jeans” is the smallest.

Podcast host Alie Ward noticed them and tweeted directly at Macy’s, asking, “How can I get these plates from @macys banned in all 50 states.”

Some users began to share their own disapproval over the design, calling the message “toxic” and that it “fuels eating disorders.” Others defended the pattern and noted that you don’t have to buy them if you’re offended. Macy’s responded to Alie’s tweet yesterday, revealing that will be pulling the product from the STORY at Macy’s locations. The brand tweeted her, “Hi, Alie — we appreciate you sharing this with us and agree that we missed the mark on this product. It will be removed from all STORY at Macy's locations.”

Real fam, what do you think of this? Do you agree that these plates should be “banned”?


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