A-Rod’s Loving Birthday Tribute to J.Lo Might Just Make You Cry!

If you can believe it, Jennifer Lopez turns 50 today, July 24th! The triple-threat actor, dancer and singer has been dominating the entertainment scene since the ‘90s and she’s come so far over the past 3-plus decades. One of her biggest fans happens to be her soon-to-be-husband Alex Rodriguez, who’s never shy about flaunting his love for J.Lo on social media. Of course, her big birthday brought on another heartfelt post in the superstar’s honor.

Alex addresses the camera in a message to Jennifer and gushes, “Since we’ve been together you have made me feel like every day is my birthday. Thank you for your passion and your energy and your inspiration and your endless pursuit to be the best at everything you do. You are simply the best partner in life, the best daughter and the best mother, and the best performer. We love you. Your fans love you. Your children love you and I love you. Let’s make this birthday a very special one. Te quiero mucho.”

Set to Billy Joel’s “This is the Time,” the video also plays a medley of sweet, behind-the-scenes clips of Jennifer performing, spending time with her family, and sharing romantic moments with A-Rod.

According to A-Rod’s Instagram stories, Jennifer rang in her special day with backstage well-wishes, a massive card! She also shared a dance video on July 23 expressing her excitement for her 50th. J.Lo’s “It’s My Party” tour hit Orlando on July 23 and resumes in Miami on July 25th.


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