Trend Alert (Wedding Food Edition): Pizza Bouquets

You might be open to serving pizza at your wedding, but what about wearing it?

In a promotion launched by the brand Chicago Town, one bride in the UK will have the chance to win a pizza bridal package, which includes a pizza-inspired wedding dress, a six-tier pizza wedding cake, as well as a bouquet made of pizza. The competition prize also gifts the winning couple a honeymoon to Chicago. It sounds like quite the theme for a big day, but apparently this food-centric trend isn’t exactly new

We can’t speak for pizza gowns, but pizza bouquets have been on the scene! The chain Villa Italian Kitchen introduced their Pizza Bouquet and Boutonnieres last year, “made fresh from prepared pizza dough, 100% whole milk mozzarella, fresh California tomatoes and zesty pepperoni.”

Edible bridal bouquets in place of flowers have also been popping up — one bride opted for cotton candy and another sweetened up her nuptials with a donut arrangement.

Are you a fan of this yummy trend or does food belong solely on a plate and not down the aisle?


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