Letting a Relationship Change You… Okay or Not Okay?

Sure, getting serious with another person means your life might change in some ways, but what if you change with it? In this web exclusive clip, Loni, Jeannie, and Adrienne debate a Man Repeller article that asks if it’s okay to let a romantic relationship compromise who you are, and whether or not that’s a bad thing.

Adrienne doesn’t get why you have to lose some of yourself because a significant other enters your life, and instead poses the question: “Why not just add more to yourself?”

“It’s literally impossible to spend every waking moment with somebody and it not have some influence on your life,” Adrienne said. “Whether it’s the music they listen to, the movies they’re into, the way they speak. It’s going to rub off on you automatically.” But as she notes, the “core of you” is always going to be you.

She also went on to explain that “when you’re loved properly, you become the best version of yourself.” Find out what else she had to say about this subject, and how Jeannie and Loni weighed in below!


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