Is Complaining a Dating No-No?

Dating can be tough and awkward sometimes, but does it mean you have to complain about it WHILE you’re doing it? A MadameNoire article listed reasons why lamenting about dating on a date isn’t a great idea, so the ladies of “The Real” got to talking about their feelings on whether or not bringing up the subject in a negative light was a good or bad idea in their eyes.

Loni feels that when you’re dating it should just be about you and the person. “That’s all I want to hear about,” she admits. “I don’t want talk about the past.”

For Adrienne, if the commentary about bad dates brings humor it can be a “great icebreaker,” for example a “funny story with an anecdote.” But she also notes that you don’t want to “harp on it like you’re miserable being at this thing.” She’s been taught that “a dog that brings a bone carries a bone,” meaning if you’re going to gossip about someone else on a date, they’re likely to gossip about you on the next date!

Jeannie added that you shouldn’t “talk smack,” but there’s a character lesson you can learn from how a date deals with certain conversations. She explained, “When you ask those hard-hitting questions that might involve a nasty breakup or something, you’ve got to watch how that person kind of works their way through it because that’s when you see their true character.”

Find out what else Jeannie, Loni and Adrienne had to say about complaining about dates ON dates in the web exclusive girl chat below!


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