These ‘Real’ Friendship Moments Will Make You Want to Hug Your BFF

It’s National Girlfriends Day, which celebrates the important bond that women share!

In honor of the special holiday, we’re looking back at some friend-ly moments that went down on “The Real.” After you take a look at some memorable quotes, why not call up your bestie and tell her how much she means to you?

Tamera got teary last year thanking Loni for helping her as she dealt with back pain, a painful struggle she had to face, even getting a cortisone shot. Loni was by her side when she didn’t want to do it alone, making her laugh throughout it all, and even the subsequent invasive tests she endured. Loni recalled, “That’s what friends were for. The ladies were out of town, and I knew that Adam had to work … We… we’re such good friends.” Then, she went in for a big hug!

If you disagree with a friend’s bad decisions, do you speak up? Adrienne lets her friends live and learn, even in a situation where she isn’t a fan of a girlfriend’s man. “I just feel like sometimes you gotta let them live and learn, and they might have to figure it out the hard way. I feel like unless you come and you ask me, even if I see it’s not the right thing you’re doing, I feel like it’s not my place to tell you how to live your life.”

You know we all have our BFF’s back, so “The Real” weighed in on if YOU should beef with your best friend’s enemy last year. Tamera talked about how her friend sees the good in people, so “if she doesn’t like you, there’s a reason. So, I’m a ride or die.”

When the ladies discussed loving a BFF more than a significant other, they discussed what they open up about to one versus the other. “They shouldn’t be compared,” Adrienne said, calling both a relationship with a husband and a pal “significant.” As Jeannie noted, when Adrienne was once sick, she crawled into bed with a Adrienne at her house. And while happy to be there for her friend, she was also thankful when Israel came home, because she knew he would also take good care of her!

Hey, Adrienne even gave a kissing tutorial using Loni! That’s friendship!

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Is there something you’ve learned from your bestie you keep with you?


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