Lizzo Isn’t “Messing with Miley’s Man,” But She Wants Her Own Hemsworth!

One of the hottest women in the music game is’t about to come between one of Hollywood’s most talked-about breakups! Lizzo recently appeared on Australia’s “The Project” to reveal she’s down to date a Hemsworth — just not the one you’re thinking of!

Sure, Liam is on market after splitting with wife Miley Cyrus, but Lizzo is looking elsewhere in the family. “I’m ready. Imma find a Hemsworth cousin. Imma find the Hemsworth younger brother,” Lizzo commented, when asked if she’s into romancing an Aussie.

Liam, however, is off limits for the singer. Lizzo exclaimed, “Oh, I’m not messing with Miley’s man. I need my own Hemsworth!”

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Lizzo, who “puts the sing in single” in her hit “Truth Hurts,” does not appear to be in a relationship at the moment. Plus, she spoke to Busy Philipps on “Busy Tonight” back in April to reveal she was on a dating app, where she attempted to get matched with fellow musician John Mayer! She also admitted to sliding into Drake’s DMs once!

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Hawaiian Punch’d and Sunkist 🤗

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