This Mom Created an Inventive Alternative to Giving Her Kids Allowance!

Teaching children about hard work, employment and spending responsibly isn’t always easy, but one mother has found an interesting approach when it comes to giving her kids allowance.

Shaketha Marion McGregor decided to hold a mock hiring event for her three children as opposed to just giving them pocket money, a concept she shared on Facebook and then spoke about with the Today Show.

The Georgia mom created jobs with descriptions, such as kitchen manager and lead housekeeper, and her kids were encouraged to apply to the “positions.” They then went through the application process, complete with interviews and hiring packets! Shaketha even incorporated lessons about credit within the exercise!

After giving them “a few bucks” for purchases of their choice, Shaketha noticed they became conscious where they were choosing to spend it. “It was different than me buying them something — they were suddenly checking prices. I noticed they were more cautious because it was their money. They wanted to save,” she told Today Parents.

Of conceiving the unique job event idea, she explained, “I started to think of ways I could teach them about credit and how to budget their time.”

Do you have any helpful tips for preparing kids for their professional and financial futures?


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