Jason Momoa Is Working to Help Save a Hawaiian Mountain

You know him as “Aquaman” and “Khal Drogo,” but Jason Momoa is taking on a feat outside of the entertainment world — the actor is fighting to save a dormant volcano in Hawaii. Jason has been protesting the construction of a Thirty Meter Telescope that would drill into the mountain, and he’s explaining why the “sacred” space is so significant to him.

The Hawaii native told CNN, "It's kind of the umbilical cord to earth. You know, if you think about the Hawaiian Islands, that's the biggest mountain in the world, right? All the way up. So Mauna Kea is the most sacred. They call it the belly button, too. That's like our birthplace. You can imagine that in the middle of the ocean. That's how our islands were formed. So how can that not be sacred?"

Momoa hoped to “bring awareness” to the issue when he heard about how the situation was affecting his home back in 2015. He went on to say how he’s been a part of the project’s opposition ever since, saying, “And I went over there to meet with everyone and from then on, it's just been this constant as a devotion to bringing awareness to the world."

Jason expounded on his efforts in an Instagram post Thursday along with a video. He wrote, “Despite another suitable location beyond Hawai’i, the TMT project is pushing forward to build 18 stories high and bore several stories into the ground over the island’s natural water aquifers in a conservation district. Hawaiians and their supporters have taken a ceremonial peaceful stance in solidarity with people around the world, not as an opposition to science, but as protectors of their sacred and revered mountain.”

Dwayne Johnson and Bruno Mars have also backed the protests Momoa is shining a light on. “For my soul I need to be there. If I'm not working, I'm trying to get over there,” Jason shared.


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