Pink Proposes This One-Day Internet Challenge

Pink is calling on the Internet to take part in a collective movement. The singer has had it with negativity on social media, and she’s asking for people to stop criticizing others online… for just one day. Maybe even two.

“I’d like to propose a worldwide internet challenge to anyone reading this today. Go ONE day without criticizing someone online,” the outspoken singer and mom of two declared. “Let’s call it the MISS ME WITH THE BULL---- CHALLENGE. And if it feels good, hey, why not go TWO DAYS. But let’s start with one for the overzealous out there. #onedayatatime #onlylove.”

Pink urged her followers to cut the bad behavior with the caption, posting it alongside a picture of her husband Carey Hart reading a book to their daughter, Willow. She’s been known to campaign against mom-shaming and online bullying over the years, even asserting that she would no longer be posting photos of her children on Instagram because of the criticism she’s faced.

Will the Internet listen? “I think it’s a long shot, but I’m optimistic!!!” Carey shared, reposting Pink’s post.

Earlier this month, Pink stood by fellow musician and mom Jessica Simpson, who was shamed online for dyeing her 7-year-old daughter Maxwell’s hair. Pink decided to do the same with daughter Willow to send a message to the vocal haters.


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