Porsha Williams Had This to Say About ‘Snapback Culture’

Porsha Williams is not sorry for showing off her body after giving birth to daughter Pilar Jhena, and she has some strong words about dealing with negative feedback and the pervasive “snapback culture” women are faced with.

Bikini-clad Porsha held baby PJ, who is now 5 months old, in an Instagram photo over the weekend where she clapped back at comments about her postpartum figure. After one user suggested she “cover up,” the reality star had this to say: “Moms are badass don’t let anyone tell you different. Ps: It’s just weird I actually get this a lot. I think social media has altered people’s perception of what moms look like. A lot of moms tell me how they get under handed compliments or jokes about their weight and it really affects them in a negative way.”

She added that moms shouldn’t have to cave to societal pressures, and instead should be able to focus on their children and “healing” their bodies. “I just feel like we should be able to bask in motherhood and let our bodies naturally heal and evolve. Like for me I had Pj 4 months ago and I just don’t feel ready to workout. The snap back culture has put pressure on most moms so they end up feeling insecure about what their body is naturally doing and looks like.”

Porsha went on to divulge that she adores her “lil marks” and considers them a “lil badge of honor as all moms should.”

She finished off the inspiring post by noting, “I just want to use myself to encourage fellow mommies.”

Porsha has opened up about not paying attention to the “snapback” since giving birth to her baby girl.

“I’ve done the opposite of what people do when they get shamed online. They hide because you shame them,” Williams told People in April. “I actually post pictures with fitting clothes, still showing my postpartum. I’m proud of it. I’m going to bounce back naturally, and I’m not going to stress myself.”


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