Wedding Date Decision! Bring Your Bae or Fly Solo?

Getting a plus-one wedding invite means you can bring your boo to the big day… but if your relationship is on the new side, perhaps you would rather go stag. If you’re not married or are still figuring out whether to take things to the next level, you might feel hesitant about bringing a significant other.

Cosmopolitan lists “10 Things to Know Before Bringing a Guy to a Wedding,” which includes tips like not catching the bouquet and not expecting your date to pay for stuff. The ladies of “The Real” chatted about their own do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding dates in this web exclusive!

“Absolutely bring your boyfriend to a wedding. Why wouldn’t you?” Adrienne asked, while Tamera pointed out there’s the potential for embarrassment if you don’t know the person that well. Jeannie added that you might not be in a position yet to introduce them to your entire family. Loni posited this important question: “What if they can’t dance?”

Jeannie feels that if it’s your boyfriend, “you should absolutely prepare them with cultural etiquette” so they don’t look like the odd one out, and Loni suggested asking about the seating arrangements ahead of time.

Tamera’s rule of thumb? Avoid bringing someone you truly don’t know: “You don’t want to feel uneasy at a wedding, walking on eggshells.”

Adrienne had a similar sentiment: “Don’t bring someone if you have to wonder about it.”

See below to find out what else the hosts had to say about bae tagging along at a wedding!


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