Bunny or Bird: What Do You See?

If you need further Internet proof that your eyes can play tricks on you, take a look at the latest viral sensation. One raven is moonlighting as adorable bunny getting his nose stroked — do you see the confusing resemblance?

University of Oslo’s Daniel Quintana tried to fool followers by posting a video of the bird (who’s appropriately named Mischief) with the caption, “Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose.”

Sure, it’s definitely a bird — look at that sharp beak! Though, we get why one would mistake Mischief for a rabbit and how the video could generate conversation!

The video originally comes from Paige Davis, Curator of Bird Training at Missouri’s World Bird Sanctuary. World Bird Sanctuary recognized Mischief’s newfound fame on Wednesday, acknowledging the debate (while offering up his informed opinion): Mischief has been the talk of Twitter today, with people arguing whether he is a rabbit or a raven! Mischief isn’t sure what to think of this debate. He says he is a raven. Hmmm... #worldbirdsanctuary #mischieftheraven #whiteneckedraven.”


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