We’re Chatting About… Eye Rolling!

Can a shady eye roll be perfected?

According to wikiHow, there are several kinds of eye rolls and techniques that really make the most of the expression! The hosts of “The Real” discussed how they roll in this web-exclusive chat.

Tam’s got the “flutter” perfected when she’s trying to make her point to her husband Adam, but she also does a close-eyed roll when she “can’t take it anymore.”

Check out Loni’s eye roll: She’s got it down!

Jeannie’s “flutter” goes way back in her head, and Adrienne’s been told she has “a problem” with her eye roll, so she just closes her eyes to make the move. She admits she rolls her eyes at everything!

Jeannie says she knows her co-hosts so well that she can mimic their particular responses for certain moments. Watch her takes on Loni, Adrienne and Tam’s eye rolls below!


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