Chatting About… Funeral Attire Dos and Don’ts

When you think about funeral-appropriate apparel, buttoned-up and black probably come to mind, but are jeans an acceptable fashion choice? The ladies of “The Real” discussed the apparent trend in this web-exclusive clip. Do you agree with them on this topic?

“I couldn’t do it, not unless the person wanted it,” Tamera responded, when asked if she would wear denim to a funeral. “You know when people talk about how people want their funeral to be? At my funeral, you better dress to the nines! That’s me!”

Jeannie thinks the clothing choice might get pulled off in Los Angeles because people wear jeans as trousers. Jeannie doesn’t care what you wear to her funeral, as long as it’s not — get this — black. She wants to remind people of how much color she brought to their lives!

Adrienne attended many funerals growing up and she often wore jeans, so the question confuses her. “No one ever dressed up,” she explained, because people had to go about their days.

Loni notes that some people might not have the money to dress up. “For me, I don’t care,” she remarked. “I’m dead anyway.”

Find out what else “The Real” hosts had to say about dressing up versus down, their wishes for their own funerals, and more below!


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