Jason Momoa Got Stuck in an Elevator for 2 Hours!

He might play a superhero on the big screen, but Jason Momoa couldn’t rescue himself from being trapped in a Vancouver hotel elevator for at least two hours. Fortunately, the social media-savvy star had his phone, five other people, and his dog with him to pass the time.

Momoa chronicled the scene via Instagram Story on Monday night as he and his fellow elevator riders ate candy, drank beer, listened to music, and attempted to free themselves.

“I was trying to be like ‘Die Hard,’ but it didn’t work out,” Momoa said at one point, according to “ET Canada.”

The group looks as though they were finally rescued, but that footage didn’t make the cut! Momoa has since posted from what appears to be outside, so we’re glad to see everyone — including his dog! — seems to have made it out safely.


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