Lizzo Had This to Say About Being Called ‘Brave’ for Being Herself

One adjective that Lizzo isn’t interested in hearing when it comes to describing her: Brave. The “Truth Hurts” singer doesn’t need to be applauded for her body bravery — she’s just doing her!

Lizzo explained to Glamour that being herself and feeling sexy doesn’t feel like a heroic act because she’s just living her life with confidence, and she points out the “double standard” women often face.

She said, “When people look at my body and be like, ‘Oh my God, she’s so brave,’ it’s like, ‘No, I’m not.’ I’m just fine. I’m just me. I’m just sexy. If you saw Anne Hathaway in a bikini on a billboard, you wouldn’t call her brave. I just think there’s a double standard when it comes to women.”

Lizzo also spoke about how the Internet has made room for more representation. The 31-year-old stated, “Type in blue hair. Type in thick thighs. Type in back fat. You’ll find yourself reflected. That’s what I did to help find the beauty in myself.”

Let’s just make space for these women,” she added. “Make space for me. Make space for this generation of artists who are really fearless in self-love. They’re out here. They want to be free.”

Lizzo, who had a standout performance at Monday night’s MTV VMAs, has admitted in the past that self-love and personal acceptance don’t always happen overnight.

“I think because I believe that I’m beautiful and I found that beauty within myself, it starts to come out,” she told Jameela Jamil during their talk on I Weigh Conversations in April. “Maybe I was always beautiful to people; you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I think that I’m glowing because I had to find that.”


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