Getting Real About… Childhood Fears!

Heights, monsters under your bed, spiders… these are the spooky things that might keep you up at night! The fear is real, people, and some of these frightening thoughts don’t disappear just because you grow up!

In this web-exclusive Girl Chat segment, Loni, Tamera, Adrienne and Jeannie discussed what still scares them as adults. Jeannie has concerns when it comes to the stove pilot light, and Adrienne is freaked out by lighting matches. Even a regular lighter makes her nervous!

“I’m afraid of sitting next to a bathroom, like in a restaurant or on the plane,” Loni confessed.

As for Tamera? She still gets shaken by the dark! “I have to keep a light on,” she revealed, explaining what she does when Adam is out of town.

Find out what else the ladies of “The Real” are afraid of below! Things take a, shall we say, interesting turn…


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