Kids and… Explicit Music?

While children clearly love kid-friendly jams like “Baby Shark” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” sometimes their little ears might catch more grown-up songs. Are you cool with kids hearing explicit lyrics? Loni, Adrienne, Tamera and Jeannie shared their thoughts in this web-exclusive Girl Chat.

Adrienne admits that she’s going to be “corniest parent of all time.” Her kids are going to listen to “praise and worship all day every day.” Why? Because that’s the way she was raised! She’s happy to play the clean versions of more adult music, and she notes she’s seeing “the seeds” her mother and grandmother planted for who she is now.

Jeannie grew up listening to more explicit songs, but she only knew the words were bad because her parents didn’t want her to hear them. “I think that if a parent raises their kids being able to have cuss words or being able to comfortably listen to it, you won’t learn the filter to have later on,” she explained, noting that she did learn what was appropriate to say.

Find out what else the ladies had to say about this topic below!


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