Selena Gomez Made a Surprise Visit to Her Old Middle School!

Selena Gomez went back to school to inspire young students! The singer and actress returned to her old stomping grounds at Danny Jones Middle School in Texas on Monday to offer some encouraging words.

Mansfield Independent School District shared a video from Selena’s visit in which the star is seen hugging students and addressing them on the school’s PA loudspeaker.

“Hello, students of Danny Jones Middle School. This is Selena Gomez talking to you,” she states. What a thrill!

The 27-year-old revealed that she spoke to her former teachers, who filled viewers in on what kind of student Selena was.

“As a student, Selena was so humble and she was very kind,” said her former coach, who recalled when Selena told her she leaving to go be in a “little Disney film.”

“She had a really kind, soft spirit,” the coach continued. “Hard, hard worker. Real humble. Just a really neat kid.”

Selena told the districts’ students that school is “really hard, but it’s worth it. I wasn’t a straight-A student by all means, but I think it’s really important, and I think it’s also important to make sure that you’re being kind to someone and if you see them eating alone, like I did when I was here, you know, just to say hi and just encourage them in their schoolwork to know that anything’s possible.”


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