Jeannie’s First Date with Jeezy Ended with… a Homework Assignment?

Jeannie opened up about her relationship with Jeezy on Monday’s Season 6 premiere and even filled us in on the details of their first date — which lasted eight hours! Jeannie revealed that Jeezy surprised her by giving her “homework” as the evening came to a close, and the unexpected assignment won her over.

Jeannie divulged that the pair actually shut down a sushi restaurant after they shared an “amazing deep talk,” which she described as “super vulnerable.” But the date didn’t end there. Jeezy asked Jeannie to go salsa dancing with him after they finished eating, and of course, she was down!

After closing the club with a four-hour stay there, Jeezy proceeded to put his hands on Jeannie’s shoulders. Nope, he didn’t kiss her goodnight — instead, he had an intriguing question for Jeannie.

“He looks at me and he goes, ‘Can I give you a homework assignment?’” Jeannie recalled.

He went on to explain that he wanted her to think of the eight hours they spent together. Jeannie added that he suggested, “Think about what you envision us doing together. What do you picture me being in your life? If this matches my notes, I will pursue you.”

Jeannie also noted that getting to know Jeezy has been “one of the most beautiful experiences” of her life, calling him her “equal.”

It looks like their notes matched up!


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