Ghosting… Are You Guilty of It?

Have you ever dated someone who mysteriously disappeared on you? Ghosting is a real phenomenon that’s been plaguing the dating world, and you may have experienced it or been the ghost yourself!

Rachel Lindsay stopped by “The Real” on Tuesday for some Girl Chat. The ladies got to talking about the subject of “soft ghosting,” which means someone you text only responds by liking or hearting your text, as opposed to actually replying. Rachel, who hosts MTV’s “Ghosted: Love Gone Missing” series revealed that she feels for single people, because they have to deal with ghosting in general!

“It’s frustrating. What are people doing?” Rachel asked. “Why can’t people just have a conversation?”

As Jeannie noted on soft ghosting, “I think from the get-go we all know if someone sends something back that’s lackluster, like they barely put the pinky in the pool, you don’t want to mess with that.”

Loni thinks people might ghost because they don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

What are your thoughts on ghosting? Have you been ghosted, or have you ghosted someone?


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