Is There a Chance of a ‘Girlfriends’ Reboot? Here’s What Tracee Ellis Ross Said!

There are so many reboots in the works these days, so is it time for a “Girlfriends” revival? The beloved series said goodbye in 2008, but when Tracee Ellis Ross got the nostalgia flowing after reuniting with her former co-stars for an upcoming “Black-ish” episode, fans of the hit show found themselves wanting more!

What did Tracee herself have to say about the “Girlfriends” mini-reunion and a possible reboot when she stopped by “The Real” on Wednesday?

“It was so exciting. It was like we just locked back into the chemistry and back into the love, and everybody looks the same,” she said about the sentimental get-together.

“Let me just be clear. There’s always been a chance,” Tracee added when asked about a potential reboot. “There’s always been a desire for that. None of us said that we didn’t want to do that. We’ve all wanted to do that. And so maybe this moment on ‘Black-ish,’ seeing us all together, the love will formulate itself and translate and bring it to fruition.”


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