Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr Talk Marriage!

Lamar Odom stopped by “The Real” on Thursday, and he brought along his girlfriend Sabrina Parr! The loved-up pair opened up about their relationship and even revealed that marriage could be on the horizon!

When asked if he wanted to get married again, Lamar confessed, “If I had a ring, I probably would have asked her to marry me right now.” Okay, then!

Sabrina explained that they talked about being committed right from the beginning, recalling, “He asked me early on if he asked to marry me now, would I say yes. And I said, ‘Sure, but we wouldn’t set a date for anything.’ I don’t date with the intention of not getting married. So if I’m going to be doing this and it’s public, we’re really going to be serious about this.”

What is Lamar doing differently to make this relationship work? “Intermingling" his family, he noted, adding that they're also “praying together."

Sabrina went on to reveal that the couple has relationship coaches, and said, “I started it right away in this relationship because I was like, ‘We’ve been coached in every other area in our life. Why not this?’”


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