Will Smith’s Birthday Message for Jada Is Hilariously Perfect

September 18 marked Jada Pinkett Smith’s 48th birthday, and her hubby of more than 20 years, Will Smith, celebrated the occasion with a message about long-term relationships. In a video posted to Will’s Instagram, he shows himself flying into Tanzania with Jada — except he left out one important flight detail. Ah, marriage!

“Happy Bday babe! Sorry I didn’t tell you about the dirt runway in Tanzania…,” he wrote in the caption.

“I didn’t tell Jada that the runway was going to be dirt,” Will says to the camera before panning to Jada, who’s staring at him with a meme-able expression of concern.

“I want to talk to y’all about sustaining lifelong partnerships,” Will continues. “Stuff like, ‘It’s not really a runway, it’s dirt’ — you don’t say that. Your marriage doesn’t need it. It just brings up conversations that are unnecessary. Once you’re down, the truth is revealed. The truth comes out in the wash.”

Cut to Jada, whose stare-down remains. Will? Well, he seems relatively confident in his tip.

“It’s cool,” he says!

Do you agree with Will’s relationship advice? Are certain truths unnecessary?


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