Beyoncé Shares Never-Before-Seen Family Pics in Honor of Her Birthday!

Beyoncé turned 38 on September 4, and now she’s looking back at her 37th year and bringing her fans along for the memorable ride! She shared a slew of photos from the past year that showed off her outfits, travels, and rare glimpses of her adorable twins, Sir and Rumi!

Beyoncé presented the photos with a heartfelt message: “Thank you from the depths of me for all my birthday loving. I had an incredible B-day! I’m grateful for every breath. I thank GOD for all of my blessings, my wins, and my losses. I thank GOD for all of you! I would have posted earlier but I had work to do. I gotta job BAAAABY. Here is Your B at 37. Love y’all!”

Beyoncé had quite the year. She went to Sardinia, attended a handful of glam events, and dressed to perfection for Halloween (where she channeled Lisa Bonet while holding her 2-year-old twins.) In just 365 days, she turned out countless iconic looks. Which one is your favorite? It’s not easy to narrow them down…

Thirty-seven looked good on Bey, and 38 is bound to be a big year, too!


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