Chatting About… Saggy Boobs!

Saggy boobs: Are you embracing ’em? “The Real” asked this question on Tuesday’s show, and the topic opened up a conversation about body positivity and feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in.

As guest co-host Amanda Seales noted, “I think we’ve gotten so accustomed to seeing bodies that have been engineered and fake boobs… like, your chin don’t rest naturally on your boobs.”

“I got fun bags and I don’t care, okay?” Loni remarked, before Adrienne described Loni’s boobs as “phenomenal.”

“Nothing is wrong if they start to sag,” Loni added about what happens over time, while Tamera added, “It’s fine to be able to embrace it, but if you’re trying to embrace it and you just can’t, it’s also okay to try and fix it as well.”

She asserted, “Make sure you’re changing them because you want to change them, not because society tells you to change them.” To which Adrienne chimed in, “Or just wear a supporting bra!”


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